BK 0408 Needle roller bearings

Model: BK 0408
Place of Origin: Zhejiang,China (Mainland)
Number of row: Single row
Type: Roller bearing
Material of race: ST14
Material of Needle roller: Chrome steel
Precision: P0


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Product Description

Payment & Shipping Terms Supply Capacity
Payment Terms:L/C, T/T, WUProduction Capacity:100000 Piece/Pieces...
Min. Order:1000 Piece/PiecesPacking:RNB OR NATURAL
Means of Transport:Ocean, AirDelivery Date:30days

 Needle roller bearings, drawn cup

Outer ring for drawn cup needle roller bearings(DC type) is made of cold rolled steel strip accurately formed.Structure of DC needle roller bearings features space saving and higher capacity.They are suitable for applications with limited space and housing not hard enough to act as raceway. No requirement on axial location when the DC needle roller bearing is pressed into the housing.

In most applications inner ring is not necessary for DC needle roller bearings unless shaft raceway is impractical,standard inner rings for DC to compare with open end DC needle roller bearings, close end DC needle roller bearings are good for sealing at the close end of bearings,operating temperature range for bearings grease lubricated are 20℃ to +120℃.

1. Structures of various series of drawn cup needle rollers
     Metricseries: HK, BK, F, FH, FY, MF, MFH, MFY
     Inch series: SCE, BCE, SCH, BCH,SN, B, BH, M, MH

     HK: Caged, with open ends
     BK: Caged, with open ends
     F   : Full complement, with open ends
     FH : Full complement, with openends(Heavy series)
     FY : Full complement, grease retained, with openends
     MF : Full complement, with closed ends
     MFH: Fullcomplement, with closed ends(heavy series)
     MFY: Full complement, withclosed ends
     SCE: Caged, with open ends
     BCE: Caged, with closedends
     SCH: Caged, with open ends(heavy series)
     BCH: Caged, withclosed ends(heavy series)
     SN   : Full complement, grease retained, withopen ends
     B      : Full complement, with open ends
     BH   : Fullcomplement, with open ends(heavy series)
     M      : Full complement, withclosed ends
     M H : Full complement, with closed ends (heavyseries)

2. Inspection the enveloping circle diameter

    The dimensional accuracy of drawn cup needle roller bearings can not bemeasured before fitting
    without a ring gauge as the thin-walled outerring can be out of round due to the manufacturing process.
    The bearingsobtain the accuracy required for their correct function only when pressed into ahousing
     bore which must be manufactured with the recommended tolerancelimits.

     The enveloping circle diameter can then be checked as follows:

a.   Press the bearing into a steel ring gauge(wall thickness ≥ 20mm).Thebore dimension of the ring
        gauge must correspond to thatgiven.

b.   Measure the enveloping circle diameter with cylindrical go and no-gogauge plugs.

Needle roller bearings, drawn cup

    Designation       Principal     dimensions/mm    Load    Ratings/KN      Limitingspeed     Mass
HK 0306 TN36,561,230,8824000260000,0010
BK 04084881,761,3722000260000,0021
HK 04084881,761,3722000260000,0020
BK 05095992,382,0822000240000,0021
HK 05095992,382,0822000240000,0020
HK 060661061,721,2922000200000,0015
HK 060861082,011,7320000220000,0021
BK 060961092,812,720000220000,0026
HK 060961092,812,720000220000,0025
BK 070971193,033,0520000220000,0029
HK 070971193,033,0520000220000,0026
BK 080881282,72,7519000220000,0030
HK 080881282,72,7519000220000,0027
BK 0810812103,694,0519000220000,0034
HK 0810812103,694,0519000220000,0030
HK 0810 RS812102,72,7519000130000,003
HK 0810.2RS812102,32,0413000190000,0032
HK 0812 RS812123,694,0513000190000,0031
HK 0812.2RS812122,72,75-130000,0033
HK 090891383,523,920000200000,0030
BK 0910913104,134,818000200000,0043
HK 0910913104,134,818000200000,0040
BK 0912913125,126,418000200000,0049
HK 0912913125,126,418000200000,0046
BK 1414 RS1420146,828,651500095000,013
HK 1414 RS1420146,828,651500095000,012
HK 1416.2RS1420166,828,65-95000,013
BK 15121521127,659,515000160000,013
HK 15121521127,659,515000160000,011
HK 1514 RS1521147,48101500095000,012
BK 151615211610,114,615000160000,017
HK 151615211610,114,615000160000,015
HK 1516.2RS1521167,4810-95000,015
HN 151615211614,52815000120000,014
HK 1518 RS15211810,114,61500095000,016
HK 1520.2RS15212010,114,6-95000,018
HK 1522152122132015000160000,020
BK 16121622127,379,814000160000,014
HK 16121622127,379,814000160000,012
HN 161216221211,220,415000120000,013
BK 1614 RS1622147,379,81400090000,015
HK 1614 RS1622147,379,81400090000,013
BK 161616221610,515,614000160000,018
HK 161616221610,515,614000160000,016
HK 1616.2RS1622167,379,8-90000,014
HK 1620.2RS1622201114,6-90000,018
BK 162216222212,819,614000160000,024
HK 162216222212,819,614000160000,022
HK 17121723127,6510,614000150000,012
HN 282028352028,168900070000,044
BK 301230371211,718,3800090000,028
HK 301230371211,718,3800090000,023
BK 301630371616,529800090000,038
HK 301630371616,529800090000,031
HK 3016.2RS30371611,718,3-56000,031
HK 3018 RS30371816,529800056000,037
BK 302030372020,940800090000,047
HK 302030372020,940800090000,039
HK 3020.2RS30372016,529-56000,036
HK 302230372223,846,5900080000,042
HK 3024.2RS30372420,940-56000,044
BK 30263037262754800090000,058
HK 30263037262754800090000,051
BK 303830373835,880800090000,084
HK 303830373835,880800090000,076
HK 32203239202243850075000,041
HK 322432392426,454850075000,049
HK 351235421212,521,6700080000,027
HK 351635421617,934700080000,036
HK 3516.2RS35421612,521,6-50000,032
HK 3518 RS35421817,934700050000,039
BK 352035422022,946,5700080000,053
HK 352035422022,946,5700080000,044
HK 3520.2RS35422017,934-50000,041
HK 601260681217,632430048000,049
HK 602060682031,975430048000,081
HK 603260683251,2137430048000,14

Category: Drawn Cup Needle Roller Bearings

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